To All Patrons of the Briggsdale School District,

I would like to share some thoughts with you concerning the Mill Levy Over Ride. We are asking to continue with the current Mill Levy Over Ride which we have had in place for the past five years. The financial needs of our school district are provided from the state based on a formula that categorizes our district and uses other factors. This amount of money is then taken from local and state taxes to fund our district. However, the patrons of the district may vote to approve additional mills of taxes that go directly to the school district. The district is asking for over ride funds, in part, to help replace money removed from the district's funding by the state. Unfortunately, the state continues to take away from our districts funding with what they call the Negative Factor. This Negative Factor reduces the school's budget to meet shortfalls in the state's overall budget.

The funding from the Mill Levy Over ride has protections and stipulations as to how the money can be spent by the district. In the ballot question, a list of items provides the guidelines that are approved by the voters. These guidelines target areas that, without the override, we have the biggest challenge to fund under our state funded budgets.

We also need to be aware of the impact on all our patronís taxes when we request additional mills from our community. Yes, gas and oil have increased our assessed value, and 75 to 80 percent of the taxes collected are from those industries; however, we have farm businesses, business owners, and property owners that are directly affected by a mill over ride request. There is a chart  available on our web-site (see above), or on our brochures, which shows the impact on different segments of our community. An important point is that, each year in December, when the School Board is certifying the mills, they have been aware of the tax impact on our patrons and have yet to approve the maximum amount that could be collected at any time.

The use of the Mill Levy Over Ride is for the district to complete its purpose and Mission. Our purpose is to provide the opportunity for all of our students to get an education that allows them to pursue any field, profession, or dream. Our mission statement is driven by students reaching their potential. The additional funds provide the educational programs, facilities, and flexibility that our students need to reach their potential, and the school distritct to fulfill our purpose and mission. Over the past five years, the mill levy over ride has helped our district purchase curriculum, maintain facilities, retain staff, and upgrade student transportation.

Finally, I appreciate the opportunity to serve in this district, and thank you for all of the support that the Briggsdale patrons have provided over the past 15 years. If you have any questions, please call the school office at 970-656-3417.

Rick Mondt, Superintendent